My first Job As Young Geologist

28 Aug 2016 at 2:43 pm Leave a comment

All the Geology student really can’t wait to enter their Geologist career. The first job could be essential to develop career and will most likely set your work standards and develop your core capabilities.  I am quite one of the fortunate young geoscientists who landed a job that I believe have helped me bloom.

Therefore, more than promoted title, long professional CV, and compensation, I believe that actually realizing that you are given opportunities for development is the most important thing. I have highlighted the things I have learned in the first few years of my career – Mostly values that are very critical in this field.

  • Understanding the importance of what you do, the data you gather and conclusions you make, its benefit and worth to people, and the imminent hazard it carries in case of failure due to lack of accuracy
  • Dealing with technical and logistical complications under pressure (really pressurized, I need to learn new thing outside my “cubicle” not only rock, knowledge about mechanical is important, not only rock mapped but You have to mapped the the supplier in your work region)
  • Meeting with clients’ requirements with time constraint without compromising the quality of work
  • Working with people with different orientation and profession including clients, laborers, colleagues, superiors, subordinates, locals etc.
  • Supporting the goals of the team/company by doing all efforts in promoting a good working habit, transparent communication and united spirit
  • Recognizing that integrity is a product of honesty, diligence and personality

Its not actually how long you are doing your craft, but rather how much you learn from it and how passionate you are in what you are doing.


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